#SBS Winners Offers and Promotions

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Guys. We setup the offers page for this reason.
The offers section was a place on the old site which was only seen by ‪#‎SBS‬ Winners. Also it was restricted to 140 characters – as per Twitter. So, you could not be imaginative with your offer. Therefore, we saw Winners simply offer percentage discounts to other Winners – fine, but actually not very used and not very imaginative.

So, we have created a place where you can offer your merchandise or services to not only #SBS Winners, but also to the Great British Public – effectively offering you the opportunity to 'sell' online to the masses. The offers then translate to the homepage and rotate randomly – again giving you the opportunity to not only be seen by thousands, but also for Google to index this.

You can, of course link this to your own site, and give yourself a valuable search engine link, and then the opportunity for others to see your entire site and products.
Make the most of this, as it is one step removed from a full e-commerce page. You can even create a gallery of images and rotate your offers!

Chris Wheeler
Metalfrog Studios Limited

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