Made in Stockport Badge

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This blog outlines some of the reasons to have a Made in Stockport badge that would be available for businesses across the town to download, have stickers in products, put on social media and put on their websites.

Why have a badge?
There is an argument for not having one, as let’s face it we live in a global economy and some businesses might be more comfortable saying they are in Manchester and not their neighbour Stockport.

These are my reasons for having one:
1. Stockport has always had a long tradition of manufacture, be in Hats to being involved in other forms of textile and engineering over the centuries.
2. There is still ongoing industrial and creative output happening within the town in the form of small manufacture, classic car restoration, bakers, restaurants, architects and builders, large scale food manufacture, artisans and artists, music recording studio, solo artists and bands.
3. Like the Champagne region of France being famous for sparkling wine or Melton Mowbray being famous for a particular style of pork pie it establishes provinance of where that item was made.
4. Sharing on social media with the badge as a watermark on images and put of social media headers and used across social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram it showcases what the town is capable of and the variety of products and services on offer.

What should it have on it?
There is a variatable bounty of objects or landmarks the badge could have on.

1. Viaduct
2. Hat
3. Indoor Market Hall
4. Plaza Theatre
5. Town Hall

Bearing in mind this design has to be translated into digital forms and reduced down for other items it needs to be something robust enough.

Some badge designs
The following are a variety of proposed designs. These are in black and white to make the choices fair but colours can be added to reflect those of the town crest or other more vibrant colours.

Why not have your opinion and send me an email with your choice or even what you’d like to have on the badge.
Please email or phone the office at 0161 883 1791.

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