Our Ultimate Designer Must-Haves To Accessorise Your Bedroom

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At Hartleys, we’re infatuated with furniture. Whether it’s a freestanding wardrobe, a perfectly tailored bed frame, or cabinets to hold lamps and trinkets, there are so many paths to take for a room that’s shaped to how you live.

These, however, are just the headline items in your décor. Around them we can furnish a space with small, beautiful accessories, and nowhere has more scope for this than the bedroom, where your private tastes are enshrined every day.

Take a moment to absorb our top picks for designer must-haves that complement our furniture…


To bring a touch of warm to wooden flooring, a luxury rug is an essential purchase. We’ve been inspired by Larusi, who specialise in Moroccan hand-woven techniques that give the floor a thick, desert-toned look.

Sparse patterning can seem very tasteful on a light background. Yet there’s also an appetite for vivid ocular concepts, such as the rugs produced by Vanderhurd in London and New York. They use triangular, diamond and rhombus designs to create a dense visual artwork that fits well with primary blues or yellows.    


The lighting industry is being transformed by LED technology. A few brands are doing incredible things with lamps that are sleeker, more adaptable, and less wasteful than their incandescent peers. A lot of them lie in the range from Koncept, who’ve absolutely nailed the sci-fi feel for LED bedside illumination.

Elsewhere we find highlights – literally – in the Destiny collection by John Lewis. They’ve taken the latest trend for gold and copper to its summit: an etched metal outer layer and clear glass light beads help patterns form on the surroundings.


Even smaller rooms can find a whole new dimension with some canny mirror placement. For starters, we’re a fan of the Abbey Leaner series, which can rest against a slide-in wardrobe or next to your dressing table. The ornate style is suited to a grey, purple or cream surface, and can be arranged horizontally or vertically.

But they can be used for less of a commanding décor feature too. Laura Ashley have proven themselves again in recent years with a broad range of oval wall mirrors. Wayfair, meanwhile, have been promoting this spiralled Accent frame, which lends ultra-chic assurance to your bedroom.

Alarm clocks

Although mobile phones can fill the same role, we’re still fond of a stylish alarm clock, especially when you see how creative modern designs have become. Phillips, for example, have developed a selection of ‘wake-up lights’ – they are round, futurist, and can mimic the gentle rays of the sun for a more natural awakening.

We’re amazed by how much this naturalised aesthetic filters into clock designs. Take the YOKKAO alarm piece, blending digital readouts onto a totally smooth wooden body. Buttons, switches and knobs are superfluous; it operates via touchscreen/voice control, so you aren’t distracted by an interface that’s too complex when winding down for sleep.

Take your time with these picks, and any others you might come across, then visit the Hartleys showroom in Skipton. We’ll guide you to the best bedroom blueprint you could hope for and install the final vision in your home, however big the transformation may be.  

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