Marshmellows or Marshmallows – What’s in a name?

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So…is it Marshmellows or Marshmallows?

The eagle-eyed amongst you might have spotted that we changed our Strawberry Marshmallows - made with Strawberry puree.Marshmallow labels at the beginning of this year, and now we no longer refer to our products as ‘Marshmellows’ – but why change it, you might wonder.

When we first started, we only made marshmallows, and, when thinking of a company name, we thought we should check the spelling, as we kept referring to them as ‘marshmellows’ (maybe a combination of a Dorset accent with a hint of South African!!).  Of course, the correct spelling is with an ‘a’, but then we thought that using an ‘e’ would be a great little twist – and underline the point that our marshmallows weren’t like the ones you might have had before, they were ‘mellow marshmallows’.

This led on to our company name – Miss Marshmellow and our strapline  ‘Marshmallows- but mellower’.

At first we enjoyed responding to the many people who helpfully pointed out that we’d made a spelling mistake, and were pleased to be able to suggest that they try our products and see why we claimed that they were more mellow…but after 4 years it became harder to keep the smiles on our faces!!

Also, 4 years on, the digital world has changed, and we are seeing an increase in our online sales –  but we realised that most people search for ‘Marshmallows’ rather than ‘Marshmellows’, so we decided to drop the idea of Marshmellows and stick with the spelling with which most people are familiar.

We will be rolling out the change across our point of sale banners etc over the year, as and when we need to replace them.

Our Company name will remain ‘Miss Marshmellow Confectionary Ltd’ reflecting our start-up venture, and embracing the addition the other confectionary item in our range – our Dorset Honey Nougat.

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