Mood Altering Lighting

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Lighting is key to creating different atmospheres in your home. Your kitchen needs to be functional, bright and airy whereas the living room and bedroom lighting should be set to make you feel relaxed.

Mirror Mania has plenty of lighting options to alter the mood in any room. Here are some of our favourites…

Art Deco Lighting

Everyone has seen The Great Gatsby and likely be in awe of the décor of the 1920s so it is no wonder that we see Art Deco weaving it’s way through our homes in the form of geometric wallpapers, furniture, mirrors, wall art and lighting.

Of course, these days our homes are much more toned down in terms of decoration but we still see art deco creeping into the minimal décor of modern homes in a bold way – often as lighting and mirrors. 

Our extravagantly decorated ceiling lighting with bold, clean lines in gold or silver create beautiful focal points in hallways, dining rooms and living rooms. Bring an air of the Roaring Twenties to your bedroom with stunning crystal table lamps and glass shaded light fittings.

Here at Mirror Mania, the Art Deco period has a big influence on our work so we have a lot of options for creating a Gatsby inspired home, from handmade mirrors and glass wall art to lighting and furniture.

Mirror Mania Art Deco Lighting Collection


1. Manhattan Range Ceiling Pendant

2. Gladstone Art Deco Short Ceiling Pendant

3. Astoria Range Art Deco Tiffany Ceiling Light

4. Art Deco Gatsby Crystal Table Lamp with Grey Shade

5. Art Deco Newton Crystal Table Lamp with Teal Shade

6. Lloyd Art Deco Wall Light

7. Fargo Range Wall Light Shade


Romantic Lighting

Romantic lighting probably makes you think of dimly lit rooms full of candles but if you are looking for a more modern romantic and luxurious look of permanence in your home, why not add some pattern, sparkle, sheer or antique style to your home.

Deck your room with crystals, Chandeliers, sheer fabrics shades, hand painted nouveau and timeless decadence with Mirror Mania’s Collection of Table Lamps, wall lighting and ceiling lights.

The Olivia Range of table lamps and ceiling lighting with drops of crystal pendants and gauze fabrics create a gorgeous soft, warm ambiance in a dining room or all way.

Our delicate Kutani Porcelain lighting range with oyster silk shades will give your room a stunningly seductive glow. Each piece is hand thrown and elegantly painted to depict artistic stories of nature, which will complement a living room or bedroom perfectly either against a plain wall or a backdrop for pattern wallpaper.

 Mirror Mania Romantic Lighting Collection


1. Baker Beckett Table Lamp with Oyster Silk Shade

2. Amanda Modern Crystal Ceiling Light in Polished Chrome

3. Torre Crystal Wall Light

4. Baby Exotic Table Lamp with Oyster Silk Shade

5. Olivia Crystal Table Lamp in Polished Chrome with Black Shade

6. Art Deco Crystal Cascade Table Lamp

7. Damselfly Art Deco Table Lamp


Tiffany Lighting

The Art Nouveau movement, although short lived still has a lasting influence on interior design today by combining baroque with modern interior features creates an intriguing contemporary style. Tiffany lighting complements the rooms setting with a sense of Art Nouveau antique elegance. 

Each piece is made from stained cut glass that is mixed with colours whilst it is molten to create different textures and variations of colour, meaning that each lamp is totally unique.

The originality of Tiffany lighting gives a room a sophisticated and expensive feel, not to mention the gorgeous colours it brings to the room 

The craftsmanship and colour of Tiffany lighting are enough to bring any of area of your home back to life. Create a reading nook or light up your living room with dimly lit uplighting.

Add a touch of whimsical design to a modern home with the natural feminine forms and colours of Tiffany style lighting from Mirror Mania. Here are some of our favourite Tiffany pieces:

Mirror Mania Tiffany Lighting Collection


1. Ruban Range Art Nouveau Tiffany Ceiling Pendant

2. Metropolitan Range Art Deco Tiffany Table Lamp

3. Eden Art Deco Pendant Ceiling Light

4. Ruban Range Art Nouveau Tiffany Table Lamp

5. Dauphine Range Art Nouveau Tiffany Table Lamp

6. Anderson Tiffany Floor Lamp

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