My Market Town is in the World’s Spotlight

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The LRB Trophies HQ is in the market town of Selby, a few miles from York / Leeds / Doncaster / Hull. Recently a huge star from Asia got married in our Abbey and we have become a tourist attraction. This is a blog entry I wrote about the town a few months ago (before the wedding!). – As the world rapidly moves forward, I find myself trying to keep up to date with various social media and ways of attracting business and jobs to the area. Perhaps we should look at the past first. I was asked recently to choose a photograph that highlighted Selby. The winning photograph had a number of elements in it to help me make it win the prize. First of all it had Selby's biggest tourist attraction in it. How many of us have actually visited Selby Abbey other than for a wedding or a school trip many years ago? The abbey has volunteers and part time employees to keep it going, it has a shop selling historical and tourist items. Why not have a look. Also in the photo, it had the market place in the foreground, How many of us use it? – remember we are famous as the 'Market' town of Selby. Hundreds of jobs are connected to the market either by the many traders who set up in all weathers, the town council employees who administer it or the street cleaners who collect the rubbish at the end of the day. We need to try and go buy fruit and veg from the stool near the post office, get some fresh fish for teatime or buy a brew and a bacon butty from the van. Have a look around. You never know, you might buy spot or buy something you need! – for more information about us, please visit



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