My Kids Dressed me for Comic Relief – Red Nose Day 2015 – Part 2!

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'You look very summery' My kids dressed me part 2

As you know, we are taking part in #mykidsdressedme for Comic Relief Red Nose Day 2015.

The campaign is now starting to snowball which is fantastic. Pippa at Story of Mum has been in The Cornishman and we have all also been featured in the Daily Mail online!

Part 2 at The Bear and Miss Rabbit HQ

I first let my kids dress me on Feburary 8th, on a Sunday, safe from the school run! But – on a cold but sunny Friday morning, infact, this morning – I did it again!

I have to say; I think I got off quite lightly. But, it was still a great insight into the minds of my kids.

Their process of dressing me works like this:

1. Choose clothes we like

2. Choose more clothes we like

3. Put them in a pile

4. Mummy puts them on

They seem to select clothes they like based on colour – they like colour, and design. So today was about scarves (yes – plural as I am wearing 2 of them), shiny red shoes, and a top that they like as they like the lace on the shoulder.

However, there is no consideration from them on weather! So despite it being a glorious sunny day, the outfit consisted of no warm socks or a coat!

My kids dressed me at The Bear and Miss Rabbit

I think I have got of lightly today! #mykidsdressedme


2 scarves as they couldn't decide on one they both liked!


Shiny red shoes!


Some bling – available on the top of a cake from a bakers near you!



And of course – some princess jewellery


I did get a few odd looks on the school run! However – I think this is because I was a blast of colour on a cold February morning! As I entered the classroom I saw a sea of parents in hats, gloves and dark coats….

I appeared like a springtime flower! 'You look summery' was the most popular comment.

So, will you be joining us?

Why not join our facebook event to keep up to date.




This is all to raise some awareness and money for Comic Relief: Red Nose Day 2015. So Text FUNNY to 70011 for £1 or donate via



About the writer:

Tracy is the owner of the online Traditional Toy business The Bear and Miss Rabbit. The business recently won an Small business Sunday award from Theo Paphitis and has also been shortlisted by The Guardian for a Small Business Home Innovation Award.

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