New £1 Coin News

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The Pound Coin as we know it, is set to change design and shape by 2017. Over 6000 people designed and suggested ideas for the new look coin. The winner, 15 year old David Pearce is from Wales. He's drawing will feature on the new currency coin and it will go on general circulation in a few years time. He was told the news he had won by the Governments Councillor George Osborne, in person. The new coin will be the most secure coin anywhere in the world to stop counterfeiting. George Osborne said: "The competition captured the imagination of thousands of people and David's winning design will be recognised by millions of people from around the world in the years ahead". The winning drawing shows the UK's national emblems – a rose for England, a leek for Wales, a thistle for Scotland and a shamrock for Northern Ireland. The other side will feature the Queen as normal. All four emblems are emerging from a Royal Coronet. Renowned coin artist David Lawrence and lettering expert Stephen Raw slightly tweaked David's design to meet the Royal Mints specifications.


The £1 coin is being replaced for the first time in more than 30 years because of its vulnerability to counterfeiters. The main point everyone will notice straight away is it's shape. It will have 12 sides and remind people of the old three pence coin from decades ago. Machines around the UK will need altering to accept both the new and old coin, as the old coin will be in circulation at the same time until the banks slowly reduce its availability. It will be made by bi-metallic construction and feature the Royal Mint's new state-of-the-art, and secret, anti counterfeiting technology.  

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