Only just started in Business? Help is available

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For all those setting up in business this year, some help and guidance is available in our area very soon. This is part of a national programme that has been running since April 2012. The service is hoping to continue until at least March 2017. The advice and programme is funded by the governments 'Department for Business, Innovation and Skills' and is aimed at those who are currently in the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME's) sized category. This project also includes new Start up businesses across England. The Growth Accelerator programme is now part of the 'Business Growth Service', again, a Government backed UK service offering support to businesses who have the potential to improve and grow. If you have already built a successful company and your ready for the next stage of the project, why not attend the event and see what happens. Lots of fresh ideas are available for you to use in your own project or expansion programme. We need to remember all the big multi million pound businesses in our city centres once started out as a small business at one point in the past. Also part of the event is having the chance to meet and network with other liked-minded businesses. They maybe in a similar position and have experiences to share. Access is also available for up to £2,000 in match funding for senior managers to hone their leadership and management skills. For those who are interested or require further details, the Selby contact is Carl Wolf who can be contacted on 0113 3854616 or 07841 903 088.

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