New Partners join the Kuvrs team

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It’s time introduce our new partners, Sam & Stephanie Sparkes. 


New partners Sam & Stephanie Sparkes have joined the team so we want to introduct them to you & at the same time give you a potted history of the past few years. Kuvrs is now a partnership between Bob & Marion Bignell who started the business out of adversity & Sam & Stephanie Sparkes. Marion Broke her wrist & being , in her words “clumsy & vain”, she wasn’t happy to have just one colour on her wrist for a whole 6 weeks and then the realisation that her cast would be gathering all sorts of dirt, however careful she was, meant that the idea of a washable fabric cover was born.  The online shop was set up in January 2010 and now cast covers are available from Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Buuy, Scoot and of course the #SBSShop!


A rebrand from the original name “Cover My Cast” in June 2016 along with new sewing machines & great new labels was a very positive move & “Kuvrs” is now the foremost cast cover brand in the UK & Europe.


In July 2017 it was time for another big step and two new partners were brought into the business. Sam & Steph, who are long time friends of Bob & Marion, bring admin, finance & digital media skills into play and along with Bob & Marion they are keen to take Kuvrs forward.  Sales are up, no doubt as a result of increased quantity & quality of Social Media work.


The big news soon to be announced on Social Media is the introduction of a subscription scheme which gives long-term wrist & thumb splints the opportunity to get regular deliveries of new splint covers, access to Limited Edition fabrics and make great savings over the website prices.


On the website there are 25+ fabrics & designs to choose from and all will make the wearer and those around them smile. We all sincerely hope that no-one needs our products but when that accident happens or if you or someone you love is prescribed with splints for long-term use please keep Kuvrs in mind – why?   Because Happy People Heal Better. 


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