Stunning Colours And Shades For A Summery Vibe

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Oh, summer. How we love you when you’re here, and how dearly we miss you when you’re gone…

The world seems to be such a beautiful place during this splendid season, but sadly, it never seems to last for long. What if we told you, however, that you can actually keep summer for a little longer this year? With a few smart interior colour choices, you can ensure the sunny vibe never has to leave your home – regardless of how low the temperatures outdoors become. There are few vibes better than the one that summer conjures up, so take advantage of our top tonal tips to keep you and your home feeling chipper until the resurgence of spring.

Sunshine Yellow

An obvious choice perhaps, but an important one nonetheless. Sunshine Yellow is a positive, upbeat colour that has a habit of putting smiles on faces, working particularly well as small explosive pops of colour throughout your living space, such as cushions, lamps, rugs, and floral arrangements.

Coral Pink

Coral Pink is a colour that instantly sends your thoughts to the beauty of the ocean floor – giving your home a gentle seaside feel, reminiscent of summer beach houses with their sills and surfaces adorned with seashells. Coral’s warm and inviting tone is both refreshing and relaxing, meaning it works well for bedrooms as bedlinen, upholstery and wallcoverings.

Sea Blue

Another colour connected to coastal homes is Sea Blue; a soothing presence in any interior – rendering it perfect for walls, curtains, or large pieces of living room furniture. Particularly effective when used in healthy quantities, Sea Blue simulates the sensation of being in holiday mode – which is exactly what summer is all about.


A fine choice for conservatory areas or chill-out rooms, Beige works best as a shade for tables, chairs, hammocks, and as a neutral backdrop for more vibrant tones. It’s another colour that brings a seashore feel to your home, with its casual, unperturbed appearance keeping surroundings breezy.

Bright White

Sure, Bright White has strong ties to the winter season and the kind of climate Christmas brings, but when thoughtfully used, it can bring about a carefree summer vibe to any modern home. A lick of crisp white paint on bookcases, storage racks, tables and wardrobes can work wonders when it comes to establishing a perky visual space, with white linens also helping to keep things airy.

Picking the right colours is a big step towards successfully swamping your home in summer sensations, but the decorative tips don’t stop there. Hartleys have the know-how when it comes to spreading warmth across your property, and our team would be delighted to share their insights with you. Simply give us a call on 01756 700471, send a message on, or swing by our Skipton showroom.

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