Why switch to traditional wet shaving?

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Why switch to traditional wet shaving?

Cannot see the point in traditional shaving? Think double edge razors are a thing of the past? Read on, as this undercover agent at Agent Shave has unearthed the reasons why REAL shavers are converting in their droves!

1. Curiosity 

There has been a recent surge in a taste for retro habits. When everyone’s favourite secret agent, 007 shaved with a straight razor in the James Bond film Skyfall – immediately a macho following ensued.  Bond has long served as an example of what epitomises manliness, allowing gentlemen to embrace indulgences without being metrosexual.

These indulgences started for some as a simple trip to a Turkish Barbers, say for a special occasion such as a wedding, or on holiday. Finding the experience of a traditional shave with hot towel fantastic, thus attempting to recreate the same experience.

Double Edge and straight razors are now family heirlooms, passed on from Grandparents, Fathers & Uncles. The curious, research. Hence why you may have ended up here, the start of your shaving journey!

2. A chore to ritual

For some the conversion to traditional shaving is simply a different approach to a daily chore.  Many employers specify a man must be clean shaven, thus making shaving a mundane task to be undertaken daily.

But why must it be this way? Think of shaving as your time for concentration, being absorbed in the now of the task, mentally calming and relaxing.  Women spend hours pampering themselves, treat this as ‘you’ time.  For those that have made the switch, wet shaving is an event to be looked forward to, almost ritual.

3. Skin irritation

Traditional shaving enthusiasts have commonly made the switch due to persistent skin irritation and sensitivity.  Have you ever actually looked on your can of fluffy marshmallow goo at the contents? I will give you an example; Hydroxyethlcellulose is a gelling agent, widely used in household cleaning products and you are putting this on your face! 

Artisan shaving soap makers use handpicked ingredients; with many being parabens-free, lanolin free, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) free and suitable for vegans. Often soaps are packed with conditioning oils, leaving you with an unbeatable post-shave feeling. Those that have made the switch have found traditional wet shaving products to be kinder to the skin, have seen irritation decrease and in some have never had better skin!

4. A hobby

Sharing an experience with like-minded people is one of the main reasons people switch to traditional wet shaving. The internet has seen groups and forums emerge, allowing shavers to share their experiences with others and learn from them.  As one shaver recently said ‘it’s a whole new world I never knew existed!’

Forums such as ‘The Shaving Room’ & Facebook group ‘UK Wet Shaving Society’ allow shaving enthusiasts to help each other, from new shavers just starting out with a double edge, to long standing members who’s shave dens are taking over their bathrooms!  You Tube has countless step by step guides & reviews – making starting out much easier. Even Instagram is being taken over by enthusiasts’ shave of the day, which soap, razor or brush are you using today?

5. Save money.

We say this through gritted teeth.  Technically shaving with a double edge razor if sensible can be cheaper than cartridge shaving. One of the core reasons people switch to double edge razors is the expense of cartridges v’s blades. Once you have purchased your razor, replacement blades can be as little as £1 for a tuck of 5 blades.

The reality however, is that wet shaving is an addiction. The money saved on cartridges is often spent on building up a collection of artisan shaving soaps/creams, stylish razors and brushes! Many would argue, the difference is money well spent on looking after yourself rather than wasted!

So fellow agents are you intrigued? Let your shaving journey begin with Agent Shave


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