SBS Event 2015

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What a fab' day! Exhausting mind you. Yet here I am in my hotel room at gone midnight trying out the lovely new SBS website. Such a lot of work must have gone in to putting this site together, bravo.

What a day! From my 5am start and the two hour train journey to Birmingham, then the queue for the cloakroom at the ICC, then after that it was a blizzard of networking. Boy, it's weird seeing all these Twitter people suddenly turn into real live human beings. You wander round staring at everyone's chests, to see their name badges I hasten to add, and trying to work out if you know them on Twitter. Do you follow them? Do they follow you?

There's a certain amount of following etiquette I've noticed. An unreciprocated follow is considered a wee bit of a faux pas – but not the end of the world. However, once you've actually met someone in person and concluded that they're actually really cool, then the fact that they're following you and you're not following them suddenly makes you feel shockingly rude. 

When I got back to the hotel room and was once more embracing the snuggly blanket that is free WiFi, I set about following the people I'd met at the event that had proven to be really cool. Alas, by the time I reached the room and my near frost bitten fingers had thawed sufficiently, I'd mentally misplaced a few names here and there.

So…if I met you today and we had a nice little chat at some point, and you're following me and I'm not following you, please give me a little nudge and remind me to reciprocate. It's only polite. 🙂

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