#SBS Event 2015

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Inspirational and energising day at the ICC in Birmingham with other SBS winners. As an entrepreneur in today's UK the spirit of the British business person is so refreshing, it is a case of we can and will do and we will innovate in order to succeed. Listening to the panel at the SBS Question Time it was clear that with perseverance and determination anything is possible. The message from Theo and others was growth is good but when planned and controlled something well remembered by all of us hungry SBS winners. I have left the ICC in Birmingham inspired, energised, enthused and loved by the SBS family. One of the amazing things that was abundantly clear on the day is that if there is a business question or support need it is a pretty certain bet that there is an answer or solution within the SBS family of winners. For those not yet in that family embrace the opportunities that modern technology and social media afford us and use it to the advantage of your business. The tools are there it is up to each of us to use them as best we can. Thank you @Ryman and all of the sponsors, invited guests and of course the one and only @Theophapitis!

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