St Valentine’s Day

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In my world of flowers this is the hardest week of the year, St Valentine's. Where flowers have to be pre ordered to get good prices yet orders are always, always late last minute. It is a balancing act to get the order of fresh flowers right, basing on last years orders, gut instinct and pure luck I hope I'm right. Too few and you loose out on higher market prices just before the day and too many my house looks pretty with red roses but no profit!! The actual day being a Saturday also has a huge part to play, no showing off to friends and colleagues in the office and harder for those who send more than one design (!?!) to be discreet at work. People also decide to do other things, go away for a romantic break, go out for a meal, stay in where it's warm by the fire. But as I am always being told, it must be nice to play with flowers all day, so stress free!!!!!

Happy St Valentine's day to all, hope those who have partners, wives, husbands and close loved ones have a romantic day, but remember it is only one day and there are 364 other days where you can be spontaneously romantic too! x

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