Storage Nightmares? There Is A Better Way

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Forget ghouls and goblins – the simple state of a messy room can be terrifying enough. Although Halloween is winking at us from our calendars, the horror of clutter, junk and heaps of clothes is something that no-one can embrace, or enjoy for that matter.

If this sounds familiar, it could be time for a change. To rescue you from being buried alive, Hartleys Rooms have some home organisation tips that will transform your décor to boot…

Fitted furniture plans

Rooms become messy, quite simply, because they don’t have the space to store everything. This is why fitted furniture is gaining popularity, both for its tailored look and the extra dimensions it frees up.

Fitted bedrooms, for instance, mould to the exact length and breadth of those four walls. Wardrobes, beds and desks can cleave to the farthest edges of your décor, opening the floor space as wide as possible. Storage boxes, or standing items that complement your design, can therefore assimilate into the room without impeding your movement.

Sliding wardrobes

Plenty of homeowners, for whatever reason, underestimate what a sliding wardrobe can do for their tidying routine. Again, it addresses the issue of limited space, or (more pertinently) maximises what you have available.

A fitted sliding wardrobe, in particular, can run across the whole length of one wall. This is far superior to a traditional storage unit, which is built to be moved from place to place, sacrificing size for adaptability. There are even corner wardrobes on the market, doubling the efficiency of the sliding door approach. They’re the perfect parking spot for shoes, jackets and toys, especially when crafted with dedicated compartments.

Home office provisions

Storage is even more important in a home office. Failing to organise your paperwork can lead to a growing mountain of documents, with the risk of losing something valuable. Your home study should be a refuge for those important files; arranging receipts, bills and documentation requires deliberate and careful attention.

Fitted home offices have several advantages in this regard; you can designate overhead shelves for stationery and document holders, while stacking any go-to books neatly in a row with a photo or two to give your office personality.

Freestanding office furniture also has many storage elements to make use of. That all-important desk should be paired with a couple of side drawers. These could include pull-out drawers to file important papers that you want to keep easily to hand, arranged in a manner that makes sense to you.

Speaking of importance, we’re glad that we can share these thoughts with you as Halloween approaches. After all, it’s the season in which everyone takes on a new guise! With these winning storage suggestions, your décor can do the same, giving you more scope to enjoy your interiors this autumn.

Unsure about how to incorporate our tips? Visit the Hartleys showroom today, or call our team for a few other tricks and treats.  

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