Three tips for caring for your Kiss Air candle

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You’ve treated yourself to one of our fabulous candles so make sure you get the most from it by following these simple tips…

ONE Trim the wick to around 5mm before each lighting. This will help control the fuel (wax) creating an optimum flame and will reduce unwanted smoke and sooting. Also place the candle out of drafts will ensure there is no dancing flame which can also produce smoke.

TWO Burning your candle to a full melt pool (so the entire diameter of the candle melted) for each lighting is super important so the candle burns evenly throughout its life. As a rule of thumb our large candles should take about four hours to reach a full melt pool and our small candles roughly 2 hours. On the rare occasion that tunnelling occurs leave the candle be, no wrapping it in foil or any other ‘tricks’, it will more than likely sort itself out further down the tin.

THREE As the candle nears its end, don’t burn it with less than half a centimetre of wax left as this could cause heat damage to the tin and the surface it is placed on. We do recommend placing the candle on a heat resistant surface.

We hope these tips will help you burn your candle correctly so it lasts longer and gives off a fabulous scent!

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