How to Create the Perfect Home Office

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Working from home is becoming increasingly popular, offering greater flexibility and – for the self-employed – an affordable alternative to office space. Whether you currently work from home or you’re planning to ditch the daily commute in the near future, it’s important to invest in creating a comfortable, productive environment.

To help you achieve your perfect home office, we’ve come up with some great tips and ideas to inspire you when creating your work space.

Utilise Space Effectively

Making the most of available space is essential when transforming that spare room or other area of your house into a brand new home office. Mass-produced desks, filing cabinets and shelving may not fit easily into smaller, awkwardly-shaped spaces. Bespoke furniture is made to order, meaning it can be designed to suit any requirements.

Space-saving solutions can also help you create multi-purpose rooms, meaning that you don’t have to choose between a guest room and an office. Hartleys Rooms offers unique solutions such as custom-made overhead shelves and cupboards, as well as pull down beds. So you can work uninterrupted during the week, and still invite friends round for the weekend.

Prepare a Productive Working Environment

A well-organised office can do wonders for productivity, so keep clutter to a minimum by storing your files, folders and other business basics in filing cabinets and cupboards. This way you can save time and easily find your essentials when you need them.

As well as investing in good quality furniture, remember a comfortable chair and good lighting are important too. Your chair should be able to fit under your desk, with ample support to ensure you sit upright during those long days on the computer. Meanwhile, if your home office is lacking in natural light, choose a desk lamp to illuminate your workspace.

However, the key to making your home office work for you is following a structured daily routine. Prepare your work space with office essentials, ensuring you have enough stationery, paper, printer ink and any other items you may need for the day ahead.

Take scheduled breaks, just as you would when working in an office environment, and avoid distractions to ensure that you stay on track with your workflow. By combining a well thought-out office design with the right work ethic, you’ll soon notice the benefits of working from home.

Bespoke Home Office Furniture

Whether you’re converting the spare room or you’ve cornered off a section of the house, Hartleys Rooms can help you create a home office that’s just right for you. We’ll help you design your work space, create bespoke furniture to your precise specifications, and install it to the highest standard. Our furniture also comes in a range of materials and finishes to suit your tastes and complement existing décor.

Ready to create your perfect home office? Visit our showroom today, or call us on 01756 700471 to arrange a free design consultation.

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