Viking Steals The Show……

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Viking steals the show

We like to think of our products as the unsung heroes fixing many a sticky situation and one customer call we’ll never forget was from one of our key customers, Stage One. “We need to stick some large plastic rings together and suspend them from Tower Bridge, what adhesive should we use?” “Oh, and by the way it’s quite important they don’t fall down”. The penny dropped and we realised they were talking about the Olympic Rings! We recommended one of our extra strength 3M adhesives which passed the test with flying colours and Stage One could sleep easy knowing that the famous rings were secure in place for the duration of the games.

We still get the odd call that makes us smile and most recently it was to request one of our products for use on a film set, for a new British production being filmed in Harrogate, and whilst we won’t make the credits it’s nice to know that in some way our Yorkshire born and bred company is providing sticky solutions on a global scale!

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