Vintage Inspired Home Décor

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Vintage is a style that never fades, which makes it perfect for your home! Explore these stunning ideas and inspiration on how to make your home classic with vintage inspired home décor. There really is something for everyone amongst these ideas. DIY with Vibrant Reclaimed Materials Reclaimed wood can be put to good use in so many ways. Use colourful pieces of wood as panels along a wall for a vibrant atmosphere and pair it against retro appliances in your kitchen for a dramatic vintage effect.


Industrial Vintage Vibe

Vintage inspired home décor allows for an interesting mix materials that aren’t typically used to decorate. The trendy combination of industrial grouped light bulb fixtures and an array of candleholders with features like an antique chest or a vintage bicycle adds real character and personality to a room.


Country vs. Classical

Creating a vintage inspired home or room gives you the opportunity to mix different interior design styles and achieve an interesting result every time. Shabby Chic decor has been a big trend amongst interiors designers in recent years likely due to the cosy homely atmosphere it creates. If you like Shabby Chic decor or have already implemented some shabby chic elements in your home why not mix it up a little and create a blended classic vibe. This hallway is great example; showcasing a welcoming antique sideboard with a framed distressed mirror, china pieces, plaid printed lampshades against a classic bright white door frame.


Retro Vintage Ideas

Channel some radiance into your space by implement the colourful retro side of vintage decor. Let geometric patterns flow in and add bold and vibrant colours such as red, orange, yellow, green and blue. If this is too much colour for you why not create a canvas of black and white walls and moldings and bring through bright retro elements through fabrics, table decorations or one off pieces of furniture.


Vintage Chic Living Room

Give your home a modern chic twist by using pastel-coloured tufted sofas, classical gilded wall art or mirrors and bold striped curtains. Get your DIY hat on and paint vintage furniture white to keep a crisp classic feel throughout the room. Neutralize the bold elements with a plain white floor and light coloured walls.


Raw Vintage Home Decor

Go for a simplistic approach to your vintage inspired home that doesn’t require too much intervention. Showcase vintage objects together with wooden furniture for a warm and nostalgic aura. Keep it minimal with light coloured walls to focus attention on the vintage atmosphere through accessories and smaller decor features such as lighting.


Retro Bathroom with Art Deco Details

Why not give your bathroom a vintage makeover. We love these light mint green tiles which create an air of art deco through the dark lines. Take this look one step further with an art deco inspired mirror or 1920s style furniture or lighting. You don’t need to keep this art deco confined to the bathroom – Let the geometric lines move through your house to inspire another room in your home. For more art deco inspiration check out the Mirror Mania Range here.


Vintage Artifacts and Antiques

Old or antique style home accessories, furniture, mirrors and lighting are a lovely way to add a vintage feel to any room without going all in on a classic vintage look. Group items together in a space that will catch your eye and to create a section dedicated to vintage accessories or spread them throughout the room – This is a great way to refresh a room’s decor if it is feeling a little tired without redecorating the whole room.


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