Well, hello!

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As I am typing this I stil somehow can't believe that I'm one of the lucky winners! It feels amazing and totally insane at once. I would like to say "thank you, guys", you've given me a fabulous welcome and I'm so happy to be one of you now. 

Made By Miss M is a tiny business. I also work full time and Miss M is taking the rest of my time – making jewellery is my passion and I love it. I sell my pieces on Etsy and it will never stop astonishing me that my jewellery makes people happy. 

Winning #SBS has motivated me to sign up for a year long silver smithing course. I've always wanted to do it but always found a reason why it wasn't the right time. This week I told myself: "girlfriend, this is your lucky ride, you've no choice but to sign up, the time is now"! And so from September I'll be at work from Monday to Friday, at school on Saturdays and side hustling on Sundays – it'll be a full on year but I'm all up for it.

And so, once again, thank you so much for welcoming me into this fantastic group, I've been happy dancing around the kitchen since Monday when I found out about the retweet and I'm exhausted now… Time for a short snooze! 

Look forward to getting to know your all!

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