Why Nobody Cares About You

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“Alright, Matt, bit harsh!”

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That was my friend’s reaction when I gave her some tips about writing copy for her business website.

She’s not a copywriter, but she’s friggin’ great with words, so she asked me for some advice, and being the top mate that I am, I said: “Nobody cares about you.

One swollen lip and lots of tears later, all mine of course, I managed to explain what I meant before she took another headshot.


Why Nobody Cares About You

I mean your website, don’t prattle on about yourself, nobody cares about you, your clients want to know how what you do benefits them.

I could tell she suddenly understood.

You see, websites used to be a goldmine of dull facts nobody cared about, especially ‘About’ pages. About pages used to be like a CV, boring the pants off us as they explained in minute detail every single job somebody had done until, 1200 words later, we got to the bottom of why they’d started their company.

Nobody cares anymore.

It sounds harsh, but it’s true.

We take information in so quickly these days that your website has to deliver in seconds or people will click away and, well – bye-bye sale.

Your Website Needs To Explain The Benefits

All your customers want to know is:

Why you?

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So, tell them.

  • Tell them what you can do for them
  • Tell them how what you offer is different

And, most importantly:

  • Tell them why it’s the one thing they can’t possibly live without

Cut out the meandering life story or you’ll send people off to sleep.

Your customers don’t care about you, but you can make them care about your products and services by making it all about the benefits you bring to your customers’ lives.

Too busy? No probs, get in touch, and I’ll craft irresistible words your target audience will love.

Until next time,


PS. My friend never did apologise for that right hook, can’t say I blame her.

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