Winter in the Pyrenees

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Winter holidays in the Pyrenees

Winter Collage

"Can you ski in the Pyrenees?" It's a good question and one that we are regularly asked. The simple answer is YES, but there is so much more to the Pyrenees than just skiing. When we talk to the many people that are interested in our experiences here, many seem perplexed that we have chosen the Pyrenees. It's not a well known ski destination, but there is some amazing skiing to be had.

Empty Pistes at Peyragudes

Don't get us wrong we love other ranges and have had some amazing adventures in mountains all over the world, however we are passionate about the Pyrenees and want to share their beauty with you.

Here's a few things about the forgotten mountain range that we love…

  • It is so easy to access the wilderness, you can go snowshoeing and not see another soul.

  • The ski resorts while smaller than their alpine equivalents are much less busy, we've had numerous days on the slopes where we've had the pistes virtually to ourselves.

  • Even on piste you can see a variety of mountain wildlife… A mountain hare hopped past us while a beady eyed buzzard looked on overhead*.

  • Because the Pyrenean mountain range is in the south of France, daylight hours remain relatively constant and consequently the gondolas and chair lifts are open for longer throughout the season allowing much more time on the mountain.

  • The cost of eating out is much less, it's easy to get a 3 course meal with house wine for less than 20€ per head.

  • The towns and villages are authentically French and you will need a little bit of French so that you can order a mountain beer or two, most of the locals we have met are genuinely excited to test out their English on you (obviously we can't speak for everyone!).

Bring the whole family

The Free Range Chalet adorons les Pyrénées!

*no animals were hurt in the writing of this blog.

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