Your Wardrobe Edit – Post Lockdown

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So you've been making some exciting plans to meet with family and friends for coffee or cocktails!  The excitement kicks in and then you start to think?  

What am I going to wear? 

First things first, don't panic!  You are not alone!  The large majority of the nation has taken to leggings and baggy tees, shorts, and t-shirts and quite a few have become a prisoner to their pyjamas!

You haven't lost your style you have misplaced it and you just need a refresher of what makes you look and feel good!

Here are a few tips to get you and your wardrobe back on track for life on the outside!

Start off by having a good look through your wardrobe, familiarise yourself with what you already have!

Bite the bullet and have a try-on session.  It's important to get yourself ready as if you were going out! 

Guys, have a shower and do your hair!

Ladies have a shower, do your hair and make up!

You should be showing up to your wardrobe with intention.

If you start trying the clothes on feeling flat you won't enjoy how you look or get the best version of yourself in those amazing clothes!

Get a system in place and start by creating bundles for each piece of clothing 

Style Bundle 1 – Keep – Pieces that you love to wear and make you feel good 

Style Bundle 2 – Maybe – Pieces you like but you're not sure how or what to wear them with 

Style Bundle 3 – Charity Shop – Put to one side anything that no longer fits your body shape or that you just don't like

Style Bundle 4 – Recycling – All the clothes that are in poor condition and cannot be gifted as pre-loved clothing 

Remove style bundles 3 & 4 from the room, create a workable space with clothing that you love and that makes you smile!

Consider your week, what outfits do you need for your lifestyle?  

Perhaps it's workwear, walks on the beach, dinner out, park visits.  

Understanding what you are dressing for and how you want to look is key to creating the perfect wardrobe for you! 

There's no point in having 10 ball gowns in your wardrobe if you never go to a ball!

Now you have your outfit ideas in mind let's look at putting some style choices together!

Go through your keep pieces and start to plan what you'll wear them with from bundle 1 and 2!

Think outside the box and don't be afraid to combine colors and prints, wear that long button-down dress over the top of jeans and a top!  Guys style your polos with jumpers and try on that blazer with a smart pair of jeans.

If you're stuck for ideas go on over to Pinterest or google celebrities and use them as inspiration. 

It's not about copying anyone else it's about using them as inspiration to create the style that you want and deserve.

When you open your wardrobe it should make you smile, it should be organised and evoke a sense of excitement for the day ahead.

When you complete a wardrobe edit it's inevitable that you are going to notice gaps, maybe your short on blazers or dresses. 

Breaking it all down and making each piece earn its place in your wardrobe is key!

If you need any support on your style journey please drop me a message or give me a call, 

We offer a 10% discount on all styling services and ladies clothing from our boutique to all the SBS family – Quote: SBS on the call or at checkout on the website use code SBS10
Our Style Services Include:  Body Shape Analysis, Colour Analysis, Wardrobe Edit, Personal Shopping Services 

Our style services can be combined as bespoke packages and spread out over time to make your style journey one that is fun and allows you to find your authentic style in a relaxed environment.

Laura Coote – Personal Stylist and Founder of Black Edge Style 

Tel:  07817 477021


***  Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, not valid on sale items, earrings, or face masks ***

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