You Never Know Who You’ll Meet at the SBS Event

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"What's the point in meeting lots of small business owners? Wouldn't you be better off heading to a country show and meeting 'muddy' people?" was the question I was asked by one friend as I excitedly announced that I was off to Birmingham to attend the #SBSevent2015.

Firstly, it's snowing outside, so there aren't too many country shows on. Secondly, with thousands of attendees there were bound to be a few 'muddies' there. Thirdly, never underestimate the power of six degrees of separation. Lastly (or fourthly), it's great to swap business stories and to meet lots of people who are in a similar situation to yourself.

At the #SBSevent2013 we chatted to lots of people and have continued to keep in touch with many. We have run a prize giveaway with the lovely ladies at Bubblegum Balloons, commissioned a logo from Dylan at Aquadesigns, appeared in the Marketme SBS100, bought keyboards from Rymans, and on a personal note I've bought a rather eye-catching scarf from Lylia Rose. Also, we're planning to attend a Ladies Shooting Day with Chelsea Bun Club in 2015.

They are just the people who we have done direct business with, others we have raved about to our friends and family and via social media. We met lots of people at #SBS2015 who said that they had recommended Muddy Matches to their friends and family, so it shows that it works both ways!

Without the personal interaction of the event we would not have known about these small businesses, but meeting people face-to-face and hearing how passionate they are about their companies really makes them memorable.

If you're lucky enough to be picked as an #SBS winner, take the opportunity to attend, it's worth it for the networking alone!

Also, if you'd like to run a competition that's relevant to country people, or if you'd like to do some joint press, please email After all, as Theo says "you've got to make the most of this!"

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