Exciting times.

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Wow!! What a day on Friday. I don't think there is one person that didn't enjoy and learn something at #SBSEvent2015. My Son and I certainly came away fired up and raring to crack on with it.

We are trying to think outside the box with our business, there are many rocking horse makers (mostly men, so I quess I already stand out!) who make lovely horses. But that's all they do, I want to do more. A while ago a friend of mine, who runs The Gambia Horse and Donkey trust, asked if I could make a rocking donkey. Having only taught myself to carve 3 years ago I wasn't sure I was capable but agreed to have a go. The result was a roaring success!  We donate a % to the charity and they promote us throughout the year…its a win, win situation for both of us.

Based on the success of that, I have decided to attempt different animals, the first being a rocking leopard (it was going to be a tiger but I have just carved the head and it's come out looking more like a leopard…hehe….change and adapt!!) If I manage it we would like to contact a leopard conservation charity and offer them a % of all sales. I get great pleasure knowing that I'm doing even just a little bit to help. 

This is could mean a whole new line of endangered rocking animals and more exposure for us. Fingers crossed my leopard looks like a leopard…I'll keep you all posted!


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