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Winners Buzz

As I have only just won - I will be back to fill in this section in more detail. At present, the local press have expressed an interest ... Read more on The Spotted Zebra Company's profile.


30/07/2014 19:47:55

The Power of Twitter never fails to amaze me , I have met some lovely people , done some great bits of business and just love the fact that ... Read more on The Safety Razor Company Ltd 's profile.


30/07/2014 16:09:55

Not even 24hrs after the results were published and we have over 100 new Twitter followers...... Read more on Lilly Rose's profile.


29/07/2014 17:48:02

We're getting in contact with alot of new people who have alot of different shelving & racking rquirements.... Read more on Rapid Racking's profile.


29/07/2014 12:45:14

The #sbs win has made a huge difference to the business. It has increased our profile and given me more confidence I am not afraid to sp... Read more on NE Day Crafts' profile.


28/07/2014 08:24:50

New customers and retail channels have found us through #SBS already and our win is only 24 hours old... Read more on Crushed Ltd's profile.


24/07/2014 18:38:37

#SBS has increased my Twitter profile and traffic to my website but more importantly has endorsed that hard work does eventually pay off. Th... Read more on The Bad Back Company's profile.


23/07/2014 11:32:50

Wednesday morning and almost 100 new followers on Twitter since the #SBS RT. Today we're busy with a Press Release, shouting about our recom... Read more on Herring Security Services' profile.


23/07/2014 10:39:26

We were totally overwhelmed to win #SBS. Many thanks to Theo Paphitis and Ryman for providing this great opportunity for all small business... Read more on Amshire Solutions Limited's profile.


22/07/2014 17:06:18

Lots of new followers on twitter, only happened yesterday so too early to tell as yet... Read more on Love Ellie's profile.


22/07/2014 14:48:30