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Winners Buzz

We were overwhelmed by the response from not only previous #SBS winners, but twitter followers in general. For the first couple of hours aft... Read more on Purple Planet Supplies' profile.


17/09/2014 10:16:19

#SBS has just given my business a big networking boost on Twitter. This can only lead to more good things!... Read more on Diomo Glass' profile.


17/09/2014 09:43:30

Tell us how #SBS has affected your business Early days yet but already increased followers and traffic.... Read more on Drop Dead chocolates' profile.


16/09/2014 20:25:45

The last 24 hours has been surreal, with lots of visits to the website, amazing support from others and a large number of new followers on T... Read more on Toy Trade Ltd's profile.


16/09/2014 16:40:55

Winning #SBS means the world to me! I have very much doubted myself but persevered anyway. This has given me a HUGE confidence boost and i'... Read more on House Of Wonderland's profile.


16/09/2014 16:01:59

Winning SBS gave me the confidence boost I needed to really niche down with my business and focus all my energy into my obsession, stationer... Read more on Alexia Claire's profile.


12/09/2014 19:50:34

We have seen a significant increase in travel both to our website, twitter and blog as a result of winning.... Read more on Consensio Holidays Limited's profile.


11/09/2014 07:38:07

After being chosen, our twitter has gone crazy, also a substantial amount of new interest in our products! Truly amazing. ... Read more on Rosebud Ceramics' profile.


10/09/2014 18:57:01

We have gained much exposure through SBS, which no doubt will help our business grow. SBS has help to increase traffic to our website and ou... Read more on Water Baby Ltd's profile.


10/09/2014 16:54:30

Winning #SBS had an immediate effect on the exposure of our business on social media and we had press interest within the first few days!... Read more on Durham Hens Limited's profile.


10/09/2014 16:23:26