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    Fiona Talbot


    17th October 2010


    Chester, Cheshire


    Business Services, Consultants, Management Training, Education, Training, Human Resource Training




My buzz is all about helping others buzz - through word power and writing with impact in the social media age. My business books sell globally. My training, e-editing and proofreading services help companies of every size and type (all over the UK and abroad) ensure their words are saying what they are meant to say: clearly, correctly and professionally. I’ll post my press coverage and published articles in my blogs on this great new site.


I co-founded a communication consultancy in Rotterdam that helped multi-nationals improve their use of English as an international business language. I now run TQI Word Power Skills, a Business Writing Skills Consultancy. TQI runs workshops and delivers individual coaching at all levels in all types of business - from Directors of blue chip companies down to more junior staff in smaller companies – here and abroad. I am the author of the Better Business English series, published worldwide by Kogan Page, in addition to writing articles for Personnel Today, British Airways and Call Centre Focus (CCF) magazine among others. The Times and the Sunday Times have also published short features on my business and my books. My latest book on Global Business English is now available on Amazon, other book stores and my publisher's website (Kogan Page). It's packed with tips on successful business writing for social media - as well as emails, reports, minutes, presentations etc


Five Word Power tips to get you and your business noticed for the right reasons! 1. Great communication isn’t just about talking or writing. It’s about knowing when and how to listen too. 2. Do you do yourself justice every time you write? If not, why not? You don’t want to stay in the shadows do you? Try making every piece of writing about your business - e.g. e-mails, blogs, websites, order confirmations, presentation slides (the list is endless!) - your opportunity to shine. 3. Whether you're speaking or writing, always appreciate your audience :-) 4. We smile with our mouths. We can even smile with our eyes. Don’t forget we should also smile with our words, as an integral part of our customer service. 5. Writing is the prime driver of social media today – but don’t automatically assume readers are going to be interested in what you write. You have to do some leg work… and pull out some word power to make what you write interesting!


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