My Buzz

My buzz is #wordpowerskills for successful business across channels and generations.
I’m an internationally known authority on Business English for internal and external comms, for home and global markets.
Best-selling books, training, consultancy, e-editing and proofreading services – all the ways I help individuals as well as companies of every size and type ensure:
• their written messages are clear
• professional
• make impact
• are right for the medium and reader

My Bio

I originally co-founded a successful communication consultancy in Rotterdam that helped multi-nationals improve their use of English as an international business language.
I now run TQI Word Power Skills, a Business Writing Skills Consultancy here in the UK. It helps anyone – for example, from individuals who want to make their mark throughout their careers, to start-ups, to multinational teams - or Directors who need to keep up to speed with emerging channels and ways of writing.
My books sell here and abroad (check out my website). They are packed with tips on successful business writing for social media, e-mails, instant messaging as well as more traditional writing such as reports, meeting notes, presentations etc.

My Business Tips

Five Word Power tips to get you and your business noticed for the right reasons!
1. Great communication isn’t just about talking or writing. It’s about knowing when and how to listen too.
2. Do you do yourself justice every time you write? If not, why not? You don’t want to stay in the shadows do you? Try making every piece of writing about your business - e.g. e-mails, blogs, websites, order confirmations, presentation slides (the list is endless!) - your opportunity to shine.
3. Whether you're speaking or writing, always choose the right words for your audience.
4. We smile with our mouths but don’t forget we can also smile with our words, as an integral part of our customer service.
5. Writing dominates in business communication today. But as there’s so much noise, you have to do some leg work… and pull out some #wordpowerskills to make what you write interesting!

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