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I love helping people! Whether this is small businesses with their marketing and business growth or my children with their schooling or supporting and socialising with friends and family. I also get a buzz from being organised! I love a list!


Pinpoint Marketing is an independent marketing consultancy specialising in working with small businesses to provide realistic and effective marketing help to grow and develop your business. We understand the small business market with all its constraints and opportunities. Based near High Wycombe, as a marketing agency we help small businesses with support and advice, training and marketing consultancy. We assess all your options, then discuss the pros and cons. We carefully select the best methods, then work with you to maximise your investment and efforts. We have a proven record in increasing small business profitability and sales. We are local, cost-effective, flexible and in tune with your needs.


My biggest piece of advice would be to plan! Without a plan for your business and your marketing the whole business owner thing will become oberwhelming and unmanageable. Also, don't be afraid to ask for help and to oursource. Outsourcing could include home/personal tasks to do with the house or children as well as for the business such as admin, marketing, accounts etc. This will shortern your to do list and give you back valuable time to do what only you can do!


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