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We specialise in supporting IT, HR, accountants and solicitors with their marketing plans and strategies and ongoing marketing support.

Why have a marketing plan? Without a plan IT will be harder, longer, more expensive and stressful to grow your business! Without a plan you run the risk of overspending, wasting time and making poor decisions. Getting a strategy and plan is easier than you think. We take businesses from where they are now to where they want to be via plans, outsourced marketing and CMO services.

The vision for Pinpoint is to make marketing simple for small businesses, particularly in the services sector. We want marketing to be accessible for small business owners looking to grow or review how they do things. We want to support, educate, add value and be of service to business directors and their teams and we want each and every business we work with to grow, achieve and succeed.

My Bio

Marketing is all about consistency and measuring/being accountable.

Who is Pinpoint Marketing, the marketing consultancy?
My name is Nicole Martin, proud and passionate owner/director of Buckinghamshire-based Pinpoint Marketing Consultancy Ltd.

Pinpoint Marketing was established in May 2008 as a traditional marketing consultancy business. Over the years, the businesses offering has evolved. As well as consultancy we now include hands on marketing services. Essentially Pinpoint and associates can come up with the ideas and deliver them too. We aim to be your one stop marketing shop and we can work with you and your business to pinpoint effective and sound solutions for all your marketing needs.

The vision for Pinpoint was and still is to make marketing simple for small businesses and to make it accessible.
Introducing the award winning marketing expert, Nicole Martin

I left the corporate world back in 2008 for a few reasons. One was to seek the elusive work/life balance whilst I had a young family and to secondly make a difference and to add value to my fellow small business. By seeking marketing advice from a professional agency like Pinpoint then I truly believe you have taken the first step to growing your business.

I am a highly organised, experienced and reliable marketing professional as well as being a working mum to 2 children, Callum and Kayti and a wife to Shaun.

For many years now, I/Pinpoint Marketing have been an active member of the Athena Network, including chair one of my two groups.

Getting to know Nicole Martin
My favourite colour is red (in case you hadn’t noticed!) and my favourite sayings are “Don’t put off doing tomorrow what you can do today” and “If you think it is expensive to use a professional, then try using an amateur first.”

I am often mistakenly called Nicole Marketing instead of Nicole Martin, and also the red lady of the red marketing lady. I will answer to any of these titles by the way.

My Business Tips

My biggest piece of advice would be to plan! Without a plan for your business and your marketing the whole business owner thing will become oberwhelming and unmanageable.
Also, don't be afraid to ask for help and to oursource. Outsourcing could include home/personal tasks to do with the house or children as well as for the business such as admin, marketing, accounts etc. This will shortern your to do list and give you back valuable time to do what only you can do!

And finally, know you why. Know your purpose and why you are doing something rather than doing somethink just because or as a tick box exercise.

My Latest Offers

What’s the vision for the business

What’s your biggest challenge with marketing?

Can I tell you a bit about what I do and vice versa regarding what you offer, to whom and your objectives?

If this question/answer and getting to know you type of conversation sounds of interest, I offer a free discovery call that you would be welcome to book.