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So chuffed to be a weekly winner of #SBS. I think I only missed one week of entering for about 6 months so, it seems, perseverance does pay off! Funnily enough, it was the first Monday in all of that time that I hadn't been pressing refresh on my iPad to see if I'd won - which is pretty much exactly how I found out I was pregnant; the time I least expected it was the month I finally conceived.... and then managed to get pregnant again when my first born was 3 months old.... and then found out they were twins. So, if I can manage my expectations and not expect, it seems something always happens... must work on that. Who knows what will be next. Oh, so we make really great activity packs for kids that I write on the basis of being a mischievous aunt - it keeps little ones happy and as a bit of an expert in that area of design, I have made bespoke activity packs for Babington House Hotel and the Mandarin Oriental in the past. We're also a little bit kinky for stationery in our house - so we make notebooks and really stunning memory books (that you'll just have to check out on the website and then buy to truly appreciate). Oh, and I've just noticed there's another box for 'my bio'. I think I've covered it here really. Really busy, overworked, hassled mum of three now teenagers coming up with gift solutions for the whole family - what more is there?!? Thank you for finally retweeting me on Monday!!

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