My Buzz

Receiving a RT from Theo on 4th March 2012 was such an amazing feeling and it has definately given us a boost of inspiration, motivation and determination to get ourselves out there to shine!

My Bio

3D Finishers Ltd was started in May 2008 by Dave Keefe, Managing Director and his wife Sue Keefe, Company Secretary. Offering a quality Powder Coating and Wet spraying service to individuals and companies in the metal production and fabrication industry. Dave is responsible for the day to day running and organisation of the business with assitance from Chris Wilding making them a winning team! They provide a friendly and personal yet professional service with competitive prices but never compromise on their highest possible standards and quality of finish. Dave will be happy to receive a call to discuss your requirements.

My Business Tips

Work long hours, 7 days a weeks when necessary to keep your customers happy.
Keep going despite hard times and knockbacks.
Teamwork and good communication is essential.
Keep smiling!

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