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First Aid is a skill that transfers between your Business and Personal life. If you have to save someone's life, the chances are that it is someone that you know.

Send yourself or your staff on a course, even if your business is a size that First Aid is not required legally. One day someone might just appreciate that you did just that.

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4 Minutes is a National First Aid and Safety Training Company.

It uses a Network of experienced Trainers to deliver First Aid and Health & Safety courses across the United Kingdom. Trainers are chosen for their practical experience as well as qualifications, so if you go on one of our courses you are being taught by someone who has real life experience of the subject, not just a theoretical knowledge of the syllabus.

We get a lot of positive feedback for our courses saying that it was "fun" and "interesting" and (occasionally "The best First Aid course I've ever been on".

That our Clients come back to us for more is testament to this.

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My Business Tips

It's not all about price. First Aid training is fiercely competitive but we win Business even though we are not the cheapest. Sometimes it's Right place, Right time. Make sure the clients enjoy the experience and they will come back for more or tell a friend.

Even the biggest Organisations might need you right now. We have been approached by household names for training where you would have thought they were already set up.

Give them what they want, handle issues with good grace and chuck in extras that don't cost much, but that go down well.

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