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Rebranded website to reflect the change in our business from ecommerce to project design and management.

My Bio

My Wife Suzanne, My Sons, Ben and Thomas, and My Stepson Tom and Step Daughter Sophie are the most important parts of my life - along with The mighty Tottenham Hotspur FC, so rightly or wrongly they should be mentioned in my Biography before I am :-)

I enjoy life now, simply because I found out in 2010 just how short it could be an how important it is !

Now the corporate bit, ........

I have been in the storage equipment industry for the last 23 years, selling storage and materials handling solutions to businesses of all sizes up and down the UK, working for distributors and manufacturers alike, starting at the ground floor sweeping the warehouse, and climbed every rung of the ladder since.

After a cancer diagnosis in 2010, I chose to turn the business into a business and not simply "my job".

I am good at what I do, that may sound big headed - but hey, if you cant motivate yourself to be the best you can be then you might as well give up now.

More than happy to solve any fellow #SBS winners storage problems - a site visit just costs you a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit !

My Business Tips

If you have a JOB then you are JUST OVER BROKE
A business is a commercial profitable enterprise that works without you :-)

Biggest business tip....
and my second business tip....

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