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My Buzz

Wow - what a wonderful welcome to #teamSBS and what a week to make it onto the team. With all the Olympic medals for #TeamGB, we feel like we've just joined them on the top of the podium! And new twitter followers are increasing by the minute - #SBS is a generous and fantastic community :)

My Bio

Co-founder, Director & Coach at A-Star Sports Ltd - please come and find me on linked in

The co-founders of the A-Star Sports® franchise business bring together 50+ years of coaching experience, best practice and creativity. From sports performances at school, county and national level through to coaching in clubs, schools and organisations in the UK and beyond. Our expert advisory team includes those with experience in the national governing bodies of sports, as PE specialists and teachers, as child psychologists and authorities in child behaviour management, as well as business, partnership and sports management professionals.

My Business Tips

When we first started A-Star Sports, Craig Heap (Olympian and Commonwealth Games gold medal-winning gymnast) told us: "When someone tells you that something is impossible, what they mean is it’s impossible for them, not you. You can take another person’s advice and encouragement but don’t ever take their self-doubt". This was, and still is, fabulous advice.

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