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I love helping people discover new ways of eating that nourish them, and leave them feeling great - that's what your food should do for you!

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What if I told you that your sweet tooth doesn't always have to be such a problem to you!

There, I said it...

You see, many of us have been raised on a 'sweet diet' of treats that don't use natural or plant-based ingredients. Often regarded as "naughty", and "an occasional treat", too many of their ingredients either contain white sugar, (contributing to our weight gain), are bad for our health, or don't leave us feeling good.

But the right amount of the right kind of sugar doesn't do any of that...

With my indulgent truffles, treats and desserts you won't get the sugar spike followed by the dip that you often get from refined sugars and other artificial ingredients.

That's because I mainly use raw (and where ever possible, organic) super-food ingredients full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and nothing else! ​I don't add refined sugars, dairy, gluten, wheat or soy(a) or eggs to my recipes. I also don't use any artificial preservatives or flavourings.

​All my products are suitable for diabetics*, coeliacs*, and vegetarians/vegans, as well as those following a paleo and clean eating lifestyle. Most importantly, they're suitable for even the most dedicated "sweet-toothers" or chocoholics who wants an intense chocolate hit without any of the rubbish.

You'll also find that combined with cacao, your "sweet craving" will be satisfied without the need to over indulge!

I really hope you get to enjoy them one day!


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When you really do care about what impact you want to make in the world, you will create something amazing that will amaze you and the rest of the world!