My Buzz

When I became a member of the SBS winners club back in October 2010, it helped put ABAS on the local map even though it was all through twitter.

Only after having Theo retweet my win did I start to make contact with other local businesses who became twitter followers and good business colleagues.

People often ask me why someone like Theo Pahpitis would want help a small business so far away. The answer is simple.

Because he wants to........................

My Bio

ABAS first took shape in August 2008 when I was made redundant for the first time in over 20 years. Realising that there was no such things a job security, I started ABAS but found that it wasn't easy persuading people that I was their man.

For my famillies sake I found another job, but kept ABAS going in the background. slowoly building a presence by creating my own website and going round almost all of Edinburgh distributing leaflets througgh doors in all kinds of weather.

After 6 months my efforts paid off with my first client. Since then I have been made redundant again but it only helped me make the move from part time to full time self employment.

I am working harder than I ever did before but its all for me and my family. I know have a client portfolio in excess of 35 clients in all types of industries with varying requirments.

I do as much or as little as my clients require. Some want me to run their entire finance department for them whilst others just want me to check their work or train new staff.

As long as i can make a difference, I dont mind.

My Business Tips

Be fair and honest with people and they will be fair and honest with you.

Work to live but don't live to work. We all need a break sometime.

Don't go for the fast buck, think long term and create a good reliable client base.

Finally, dont think the world owes you a living. You have to work for what you want but when you achieve it, the rewards are superb and feeling is like nothing on earth.

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