My Buzz

Picked up my family and moved... to the other side of the planet! Now helping business owners to grow their businesses. Drawing on the knowledge of setting up a successful business from scratch to government must have service.

My Bio

Mother of two boys, wife to one Kiwi. At 21, AJ Pipe set up an unheard of business from scratch to become a must have Corporate & Government service; used by KBPB, Echo Children's Heart Charity, GingerBread, NHS, West Sussex County Council, Knightsbridge Council, Networking groups & Expos across the UK, to name but a few. Since December 2012 she has relocated to the beautiful New Zealand from West Sussex & now helps other business owners to grow their businesses and cultivate the life starting a business was meant to bring them.

My Business Tips

Clear communication is KEY - If you can get that right, at least 98% of problems would never occur.

Know WHAT DRIVES YOU. It will get you through any hard times.

Ideas are just dreams until you add ACTION.

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