My Buzz

Since we became a #SBS winner the response on Twitter has been fantastic and we sold several Karts as a direct result of winning that December evening! We find that being able to say that we are Theo Paphitis #SBS winners makes a huge difference whilst emailing journalists, they actually respond! We love being part of the #SBS community and I enjoy the #sbswinnershour every Tuesday and the FaceBook page. Everyone on here is so helpful - what an amazing lot!

My Bio

All Terrain Kart (My Brilliant Company Ltd) is a small family business based in Devon and run by Richard Martin and Christopher Smith. Being a Dad (and in Richard’s case a Grandpa) we want to offer today’s children the opportunity to share in some of the fun we had when we were small by introducing a range of traditional outdoor toys with a contemporary twist.

The first in a range of products is the ATK All Terrain Kart. It’s a modern interpretation of the traditional 1950s soapbox and enables children to play with their friends out in the fresh air. Its funky design combines an old concept with modern materials and engineering. It’s fun, safe but challenging and is beautifully made so that it will last for years. We now have the adult ATK Pro for 14 - 70 year olds, after lots of requests from parents of our customers. And, you can now build your own wooden go kart with our kit and exceptional easy to follow plans.

My Business Tips

Be professional in the way that you operate.
Provide great customer service.
Work hard.
Love what you do.
Don't give up!

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