My Buzz

Since winning #SBS the traffic to my website has increased significantly, & twitter followers have also increased, plus I have additional sales.

My Bio

After being made redundant in 2010 from my work as a solicitor specialising in Family & Child Law I decided I wanted to have my own business. I was aware of a gap in the market for retailing clothing & accessories for teenage boys in the 9 to 16 years age group, I have a teenage son who at the time fit that age range & like most mothers I was desparately trying to find somewhere that could cater for the straightforward fashion needs of my son without dragging him around overheated shops. I tried to find somewhere I could buy brands and contemporary looks that he would wear, somewhere he could go to find everyday casual clothing for boys in their teens, somewhere that is not menswear, I couldn't find that place and so All Time Dude was born.

Presently I also offer an information service with regards to up and coming trends, and new brands for boys fashions.

I also have other businesses one of which is Yumski Bakery & Foods.


My Business Tips

Stop doing things that don't work.
Be persistent - Rome wasn't built in a day.
Keep market researching all the time - talk to your customers.
Use social media to its fullest but don't make it your whole life, real people buy so work in real time.
Keep an eye on that cash flow.

My Latest Offers

Matt from Devon is the winner of "Who's the Dude" it is of course Marcus Payne! More competitons coming for the Winter Olympics 2014

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