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Eating out has always been a problem for people with with food allergies or intolerance. You can't just pick up a sandwich from a shop or visit any old restaurant as they can't always feed allergic consumers safely due to lack of understanding.

The food laws have changed now so all foodservice companies have to provide Top 14 allergen information to their customers.

Allergy Aware Kitchen works with the Food Service Industry providing and end to end consultancy and training service which helps companies not just provide safe food but improves revenue by tapping into the massive market of allergic consumers who want somewhere they can trust to eat out.

We tailor solutions to individual companies by reviewing their allergen requirements, making sure their procedures are in place, suggesting changes as and when needed and by helping to implement a plan of action. This may include staff or allergen/allergy updates and training and ongoing assistance as and when required. All of this ensures allergen law compliance, best practice methods are followed and subsequently profits are maximised by attracting allergic guests to outlets.

Our work with our clients on a long-term basis, making sure that we provide as much or as little assistance as they need.

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Just do what is best for you and never regret what could have been!

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20% Discount to all #SBS Food Service Companies for our 1/2 day Food Allergy Awareness Training Course (open courses or in house).

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