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Our mission is to spread happiness through the art of luxury, ethical gifting. We believe that our gifts have the ability to connect people, creating moments of joy that will be treasured for a lifetime.

'Amala' is a word derived from Sanskrit, an ancient language which was used in Hinduism and Buddhism, meaning 'clean and pure', representing our approach to gifting.

Our love of luxurious, ethically sourced products, along with our attention to the finer details and our passion for spreading happiness, is what drives us to create our signature luxury gifts.

What really makes us happy, though, is the feeling that we know you'll have when your loved one receives a signature Amala Curations gift. The genuine surprise and pleasure they'll feel is the result of our unique approach, bringing together luxury, natural products and beautiful presentation.

All of this, delivered to you with simplicity and ease, so that you can enjoy choosing the perfect gift and leave the rest to us.

My Bio

Hi! I'm Medha, the founder of Amala Curations by MG, a luxury, ethical gifting service.

I'm a creative at heart, and for several years now, while working in the world of Finance, I've felt inspired to create personalised, luxury bespoke gifts for my friends and family.

This was after I found there to be no easy way of sourcing finely crafted, personalised gift boxes containing high quality, natural products.

What started as a hobby turned into a therapeutic art for me. The process of finding the perfect gift and presenting it beautifully became my creative outlet. Most importantly, though, I started to see the positive effects the gifts were having on both myself and on others. Not only were my gifts spreading happiness to others, but they were also uplifting my heart as I was creating connections and memories to last a life time.

I believe that these positive effects are elevated when the gift is packaged to perfection. This is what builds up anticipation, and so is as important as the gift itself. The creativity behind this process is something I love.

My creative inspiration has always been my mum. She's amazingly talented at design and presentation. I'm an only child so growing up, we’d spend many a rainy day doing arts & crafts projects together. Over the years, I picked up her talent of attention to detail and making sure things are always exquisitely presented.

So, in some sense, Amala Curations was waiting to be born.

My vision started to come together after I planned my fairy-tale wedding in 2019. During what was a very stressful time (juggling planning a big Indian wedding with my full-time job), creating personalised gifts hampers for my wedding guests was a welcome retreat.

I began to realise that I wanted gifting to be more than just a hobby. I could just feel that this was my true passion, and my way of spreading joy to others.

When planning what I wanted Amala Curations to look like, one thing I was certain of was that I wanted to ensure all our products would contain primarily natural ingredients. This stems from my own experience of cancer in my early twenties, when my eyes were opened to some of the harmful chemicals used in everyday products.

Whilst the experience made me stronger and gave me more perspective on life, it has also made me determined to make sure that the products we gift are not part of the problem, but part of the solution when it comes to protecting both our health and the environment. We don't need to compromise on luxury and presentation when it comes to being conscious consumers.

After a few months of brainstorming and development, I'm proud and excited to introduce you to Amala Curations by MG, and I look forward to spreading joy to you, your friends and family through my careful curation of luxury ethical gift boxes.

My Business Tips

-Networking is key!
-Collaboration over competition
-As a small business owner, there's always too much to do - so prioritisation is crucial

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