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We are enjoying being a part of a supportive group of small businesses. The initial craziness that came with Theo's retweet was pretty full-on and we now have many more followers and are following many more people. We feel pretty honoured to be here. Thank you.

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Amazing Minds is a not-for-profit organisation. Our two directors, Kelly & Tracy, with backgrounds in education, coaching and therapy are studying Master's in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP). We develop resources grounded in the science of positive psychology (PP).

Our programme, Amazing Me, is currently used in primary schools via an online digital learning platform and covers key elements of Positive Psychology important in developing emotional awareness and regulation, resilience, strengths, gratitude, kindness, self-compassion and growth mindset. All children can potentially benefit from learning the skills of wellbeing in order to deal with the challenges that invariably occur in life.

We know too well the importance of the wellbeing of school staff and we deliver workshops on the many areas of Positive Psychology which we tailor to schools' requirements and needs. We also know how stretched school budgets are so we keep our prices low with options for fund matching from small and larger businesses.

We want to make looking after our wellbeing a cultural norm across the country and we hope that being part of #SBS allows us to have opportunities to bring our work to a wider audience where we can open up a space for important conversations around wellbeing.

Working with educational establishments is notoriously difficult due to budget and time constraints and we appeal to other businesses through our Amazing Us Campaign which connects businesses with their chosen school by way of match funding Amazing Me for one year so that all schools are able to access these vital programmes.

Small business can be a lonely place and this is the perfect way to feel a part of something bigger.

We walk the walk of positive psychology and so being part of such a group appeals to our commitment to creating a working environment of wellbeing, compassion and mutual support.

My Business Tips

Stay authentic.
Look for your strengths.
Be kind to your colleagues.

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