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Since winning #sbs I have to say that I have been astounded at how it has been for me and my businesses exposure, I have been in several articles both on line ,paper press & have also had a photo shoot of me & my products with a fashion article and double page spread which Im very proud of .
#sbs has really charged up my business and me to aim for more than I could ever have dreamed of. I am very proud to of been chosen and I thank Theo for picking me .

My Bio

Since starting out with my business ventures early in 2008 through facebook i have gone through many stages of both success and also changes, but throughout all of that i've always been very ambitious and wanted to make something of myself and to this day maintain that in all that i do and take on.

I started out with my psychic readings as i was drawn to read for others and spread messages of hope to those who needed it. And to this day i still have a massive following on facebook who i regulary read for which is wonderful.

Through that facebook page Angelic designs i then decided to have a go at healing jewellery as i was told i have healing hands, and again this led to great success and i still make many pieces for those in need and in pain.

My next stage was buying and selling jewellery brought in from over seas , through christmas 2010/2011 i had a great business period as i sold lots to many lovely people who were very happy with the price and service that i gave. Again to this day i am still in contact with many of them and am great friends with many also which is wonderful. And i still have auctions/sales through my facebook page which have slowed of late as the way people are shopping i feel has changed. Which then led me to my next venture....

I then went onto bespoke jewellery and customer orders on request. Starting with memorial bracelets that i made in memory of lost loved ones and i have to say one of my biggest achievements in helping many to heal and get over loosing a loved one in a very special way. And again to this day still make them for people they are truly something to be very proud of i feel. The bespoke side then lead to making jewellery and general pieces to order, and this was what lead me to where i am today.

I have many followers on twitter & Facebook who are very loyal & supportive which Is amazing! I currently make bespoke items for everything from weddings to everyday wear and am looking everyday for ideas to take it further and the next step I also have a range of Angelmazz staples the pieces my customers love & buy year in year out.

I'm not happy just being your average jewellery designer i will become what i have wanted to be all along someone EVERYONE talks about and what EVERYONE wants to wear.

And all of this i do for those i love more than anything and thats my family thankyou for supporting me through some tough times and supporting all my crazy ideas and schemes .... i love you with all my heart.

My Business Tips

Never give up on what you love and have a passion for!! Even if its not business related it really is something that has kept me going in life knowing that if i truly believe in something i can make it happen, and make it come true! Follow you dreams and aim big!! And even when times are tough and your feeling like giving up .. don't!!! use all social media networks to spread the word of your work. And last of all believe and trust in yourself.

My Latest Offers

20% OFF ANY BESPOKE ORDER for #SBS WINNERS ONLY please visit to contact me and discuss designs thanks.

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