My Buzz

Another Door is a community helping people make redundancy a good thing.
The community helps people decide what to do next, and what support they might need to help them achieve their goals.
Another Door also supports businesses making redundancies, we can help with communications and support workshops for affected employees.

My Bio

After being made redundant, and stumbling my way into going from corporate life to setting up my own business, I set up Another Door to help others have hope, provoke ideas and create actions to make redundancy the best thing that happens to them. I have 23 years of corporate experience including working for Costa Coffee when it had 5 stores, RAC when it was taken over by Aviva, Virgin Atlantic during the recession and Vodafone as the telecoms industry transformed. Change is part of corporate life. Businesses have to transform and evolve. How we respond, as individuals, to change is our choice. We all have choices, we can decide what happens next, even when someone else decides our role is redundant.

My Business Tips

When starting a business be absolutely clear on why you are starting it.
Your 'why' will be the thing that keeps you going through the stumbling blocks and what helps you make difficult decisions
Yes have a plan, but make sure the plan includes your why.

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