My Buzz

We had over 100 new followers in less than 12 hours on Twitter which really created a buzz for us! I think I now need to employ someone to run my Twitter account for a few days to allow me to keep up!

My Bio

A future-thinking, digital-native with an extensive and award-winning creative background, I am the founder and managing director of Apposing; the Liverpool-based creative mobile development studio.

With a client list which includes Nando's, Carphone Warehouse, CSL Sofas, Unilever, BBC, The Guardian and Pretty Green, I specialise in creative app development, UI/UX design, ideas creation and mobile strategy.

With over ten years experience in digital design, I founded Apposing in 2010 after becoming committed to creating an agency which concentrates on generating incredibly useful and innovative ideas, ultimately focussed on engaging the customer. Since then, alongside the prestigious client wins, there have been significant additions to the Apposing team, further strengthening our position as one of the country's most exciting mobile development studios.

With projects such as the recent CSL augmented reality app garnering national praise, I thrive on Apposing's ability to see solutions to things that a consumer might not even recognise as a problem, adding value and ROI to our client's offering while increasing brand engagement. I like us to work on a very open and collaborative basis with our clients, we don't hide behind a wall of account managers.

We are leaders in technology exploration via the Apposing sub brand of 'Futures', focussing on ideas in retail and commercial environments. Our proven technical ability gives us licence to push the boundaries with our ideas and what's possible, something we try to do daily.

I truly believe that the best way to predict the future is to invent it.

My Business Tips

We build our business on reputation, by creating great ideas that really make a difference and generate great return on investment. Simplicity is the key to brilliance!

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