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We are so excited to be part of the SBS community and we are really looking forward to networking with and learning from fellow small businesses.

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The world of Aramazu was born from a frustration of not being able to easily teach my children to tell the time. Apart from mathematically bright children, it’s very complicated as they can’t understand the equation between the two hands on a clock. No one had ever been able to find a child-friendly approach so we devised a world that put time into a fun and engaging context. We tested the books with the help of a magazine called Primary Times. Of the children who took part, 85% learned how to tell the time within a week. Half only took a day. And quite a lot of them could do it within an hour. Using the storybooks, most children can tell you what hour it is within 30 seconds. And it’s particularly good for dyslexic children.”

We now help hundreds of children with learning to tell the time the Aramazu way, both through schools and at home with parents

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