My Buzz

Straight after the #SBS win my twitter feed went potty! I gained around 200 new followers and new face book likes. I also gained some new customers with an increase in web sales. And a whole lot of people licking their lips over my marshmallows. A real buzz indeed!

My Bio

I began life as a sweet toothed person! I always liked marshmallows and as an adult my kids would often buy me a bag (Daddy was in charge of buying presents). Then one day my husband and I switched on the TV and I became a marshmallow maker!! Well, not quite like that, but on the TV was an American show and they were making marshmallows in different flavours. It was incredible and I wanted to eat them immediately. I set to work in my kitchen. Two years later here I am with my own artisan marshmallow business and recognition from Theo Paphitis.

My Business Tips

Set to work on something you are properly interested in. Be tenacious, take care of your customers, listen to your instincts, enjoy your business, accept offers of help, karate chop your way through the tough times. Eat well, sleep well and exercise.

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