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Anger is a communicative emotion telling you something isn't quite right and you need to act. Survival is its reason - Liberty is its goal.

I established Tristone Coaching as it's my vision and passion to educate, inform and support those experiencing dysfunctional anger, either their own or anger from others, to use anger more productively. The main part of my work is to teach participants about the positive aspects of their anger.

As an Anger Coach, I work with individuals to unlock healthy anger within them and support them in restoring their anger to its primary function. I do this by explaining the fundamentals of anger; directing them in understanding their own anger; empower them to take ownership of their behaviour; motivate them to assertively communicate their thoughts and feelings and educate them with anger management techniques and positive psychology interventions.

My Bio

I'm an Executive Performance and Wellbeing Coach, as well as a Coaching Psychologist specialising in anger management and positive psychology coaching and I have over 20 years of experience in helping people regulate their emotions, discover their strengths and manage their thoughts.

I also have an extensive background in counselling, as well as coaching, and I use a direct and intuitive approach that’s both supportive and challenging to bring about the necessary changes to empower self-development, confidence, and growth.

I'm experienced in working with people who lack confidence, vision, and self-awareness, as well as individuals who would like to communicate more assertively, improve their leadership skills, and achieve their full potential. I specialise in working with open-minded, sensitive, and creative professionals, as well as, executives, senior managers, and entrepreneurs.

My expertise is unlocking suppressed anger that has caused toxic shame which has cultivated self-limiting beliefs in many individuals. I essentially cultivate the healthy anger within individuals and coach them in using this powerful emotion to fuel productivity and growth; as well as support the discovery of their inner strengths, develop their assertive communication skills, improve their emotional wellbeing, enhance their creative performance and help them reach their full potential.

I fundamentally use the principles of positive psychology to enable individuals and businesses to flourish and thrive.

Anger can either block you from or free you to - thriving, prospering and achieving your potential.

My Business Tips

Get to know your business - Your business is like a an intimate relationship. How well do you know your business? If you introduced your business to others, how would you describe it? What are its best features? Are you in love with it? - Why? Why not?

Once a month, write a short paragraph about the positive aspects of your business; who needs to know about your business; what problems can your business fix; and is there anything that needs to grow, change, develop within your business?

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